Toys from the Nuremburg Spielzug Museum

More than 200 toys are on display from the Spielzug Museum in Nuremberg, Germany. Nuremberg has been famous for its toys since the late Middle Ages; the exhibition features vintage dolls, doll houses, miniature shop interiors, building blocks, magic lanterns, steam engines, books, and games produced over the past five centuries.  Organized and presented by the Spielzug Museum of Nuremberg in cooperation with the Goethe House New York, Lufthansa Airlines, and Bayerische Vereinsbank.
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Erich Mendelsohn: Architectural Drawings

Several hundred drawings and dozens of original photographs display architect Erich Mendelsohn’s important work in Germany before the rise of the Third Reich: the Einstein Tower (1920), in Potsdam, considered to be the epitome of Expressionist architecture; the Hat Factory (1921); the Schocken Department Store Building (1926) in Stuttgart, in 1926; and, Mendelsohn’s own home, Villa Rupenhorn (1928) which he and his family occupied briefly before fleeing to England due to growing antisemitism fomented by the ascension of the Nazi regime.
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Ceramics of the Weimar Republic, 1919–1933

An exhibition of more than 100 brightly-colored ceramics from the Weimar Republic. After World War I, higher production rates and lower costs brought these bold new designs into every German home. Works by manufacturers Villeroy & Boch, Christian Carsten, Lehmann & Sohn, Reinhold & Company, and Julius Paul & Sohn are on display.
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Glass of the Avant-Garde: From Vienna Secession to Bauhaus

More than 100 glass objects from the Torsten Brohan Collection of the Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas, Madrid, are displayed in this exhibition. These objects were produced in Austria, the Czech Republic, and Germany between the turn of the century and the years between the two World Wars and include the work of the Bauhaus, Wilhelm Wagenweld, and Wiener Werkstätte.
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"Green" Publishing

On May 14, 2009, Cooper-Hewitt opens Design for a Living World, an exhibition developed by The Nature Conservancy, one of the world’s leading conservation organizations.
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