The 500 matchsafes on view were selected from the Cooper-Hewitt Museum's collection of more than 4,000 matchsafes. Between the mid-19th century through the early 20th century, people carried matches in matchsafes to keep them dry and prevent accidental flames. Matchsafes were made from a wide range of materials, including all types of metals, ivory, wood, and even plastic.
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Ephemeral Images: Recent American Posters

This exhibition surveys posters created between 1971 and 1981 by America's foremost graphic designers.
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In Small Stages: Puppets from the Cooper-Hewitt Collection

This exhibition, a complement to the traveling exhibition Puppets: Art and Entertainment, includes antique and contemporary puppets and marionettes, some of which are on display for the first time.
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Documenting a remarkable achievement in urban design, this exhibition explores the social history and architectural evolution of the American suburb from its 16th-century prototypes to the 20th-century concept of a "city village" through original drawings, site plans, photographs, and brochures. The exhibition allows visitors to view the work and ideas of major architects, H. H. Richardson, Frank Lloyd Wright, and M. H. Baillie Scott, as well as relatively unknown architects such as Grosvenor Atterbury, Ernest Flagg, and Electus Litchfield.
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Writing and Reading

This exhibition addresses the design evolution of the written word. It surveys printing, writing, and the book arts, and includes an enormous variety of objects: papyrus documents, stone inscriptions, stamps, cylinders, pens, quills, writing sticks, felt-tip markers, typewriters, a word-processor, wax tablets, skins, desks, examples of calligraphy, illuminated manuscripts, bindings, and end papers.
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Interior Design: The New Freedom

Videotaped recordings of Barbaralee Diamonstein in conversation with 12 American designers and architects, including Massimo Vignelli, Angelo Donghia, and Ward Bennett, about their approaches to the problems of contemporary interior design.
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This exhibition is filled with examples of French and Italian lace spanning more than 500 years—including 16th-century gold ornamental braid and contemporary lightweight, flexible stitching. 
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The Column: Structure and Ornament

Columns are shown in drawings, prints, rare books, photographs, wallpapers, textiles, and decorative objects from the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum’s permanent collection. Tuscan, Ionic, Doric, and Corinthian columns have been used by architects for structural support as well as decoration through the ages, dating to the fourth century B.C. Napoleon’s column in the Place Vendôme, Nelson’s column in Trafalger Square in London, and contemporary uses of this structure are included in the exhibition.
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English Majolica

This exhibition of colorful, glazed earthenware from 19th-century England includes pieces by Minton, Wedgwood, and George Jones.
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City Dwellings and Country Houses: Robert Adam and His Style

The first major American exhibition of the 18th-century Scottish architect and designer, Robert Adam, and his circle. Selected from public and private collections in Scotland, England, and the United States, this exhibition surveys Adam's extraordinary accomplishment through a selection of more than 100 drawings, furniture, silver, ceramics, and decorative objects.
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