MA, Space/Time in Japan

This exhibition, designed by the Japanese architect Arata Isozaki, consists of nine sections, each expressing an aspect of the ancient Japanese space/time concept of "Ma" through photographic essays, sculptures, and traditional structures, such as the teahouse and the Noh stage.
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Three hundred Japanese sword guards (tsuba) and decorative fittings for the Samurai sword are on view. Hand protectors and jewelry dating from the 17th century, worn by the warriors who used the swords, are also featured in this exhibition.
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Nineteenth-century Japanese stencils (kata-gami) used for dyeing textiles provide invaluable insights into the geometric forms, costumes, and figures used at that time—although the original fabrics are gone, the stencils remain! This exhibition also features stencil-dyed fabrics and photographs to help illustrate this textile printing process.
stencils, kata-gami, patterns, textile printing, paper, exhibitions

Take Your Choice: Contemporary Product Design

This exhibition is devoted to the connection between consumers and product innovation through an exploration of the impact production processes, materials, and product styling have on commercial appeal.
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Immovable Objects: Urban Open Spaces

A celebration of outdoor public places organized as part of our ongoing study of the urban environment. Ten on-site exhibitions explore the city as museum and laboratory: Parks, Plazas, Playgrounds, Recreation Areas, The Street, Public Furniture and Graphics, Pedestrian Malls, Waterfronts, Open Spaces in New Towns, and Conceptual Open Spaces. 
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The Smithsonian is the world’s largest museum complex, with 12 museums, the National Zoo and more than 70 million objects and specimens in its collections. This exhibition brings together representative objects from each of the collections into one space.
Smithsonian Institution, permanent collection, exhibitions

The Cooper-Hewitt Collection: Furniture

This exhibition showcases furniture from the permanent collection of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. Examples range from 17th-century England and 18th-century designs by Michelangelo Pergolesi to 20th-century pieces by Frank Lloyd Wright, Charles Eames, and Marcel Breuer.
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This exhibition traces the development of copy machine art created by artists and designers. Over 250 works are on display, including prints, limited edition books, graphics, textiles, animation, and three-dimensional objects. A particular highlight is the Xerox 6500 color copier staffed by trained operators and artists who are available to provide demonstrations.
prints, books, graphic design, textiles, animation, copy, technology, exhibitions

Resorts of the Catskills

An exhibition of the architectural and social history of this New York mountain resort. Photographs, maps, Hudson River School paintings, and historical documents contribute to the depiction of this popular vacation spot from pre-Civil War days to the present time.
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An examination of hairstyles and hair decoration throughout history. Among the 350 objects on display are sculpture, paintings, prints, drawings, photographs, wigs, combs, hair ornaments, and jewelry made of hair.
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