Enid and Lester Historic Design Lecture series

Design [R]evolutions: Places for Paintings and Paintings for Places

It is difficult to believe that the works of art we now see in museums were originally intended for display someplace else. The inaugural speaker for Desigh [R]evolutions, Dr. Nicholas Penny will discuss where several famous paintings now in public galleries were originally intended to hang, and how lighting, heigh, wall color, frames, and the functions of rooms exerted a decisive influence on the artists who painted them.
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Design [R]evolutions: False Bottoms and Secret Compartments

In the second of the Enid and Lester Morse Historic Design lecture series, Dr. Carolyn Sargentson will be lecturing on the theme of secrecy in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Paris, looking at the role of locksmiths in protecting the affairs of the heart, the home, and of politics, and revealing some of their strategies for developing the perfect high-performance lock. Our use of keys, whether unlocking a building or a computer, is second nature, yet we rarely think about the technical challenges involved in concealing the best-kept secrets of the past.
Design [R}evolutions, Lecture, Enid and Lester Historic Design Lecture series, Dr. Carolyn Sargentson, secrecy in 17th- and 18th century Paris, locks, keys, secret compartments, talk, long, public program