Haiti Cultural Recovery Project - Part 1

From July 11 to 24, 2011, Cooper-Hewitt Assistant Registrar Bethany Romanowski and I were in Port-au-Prince, Haiti as participants in the Smithsonian’s Haiti Cultural Recovery Program.
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Tangible Tuesdays: OnObject

Tangible Earth, the interactive globe now on view here at Cooper-Hewitt, engages the sense of touch to create a feeling of connection between people and their planet. Lots of designers today are exploring ways to enhance digital devices with touch. For example, MIT Media Lab’s OnObject system can turn any object into a tactile interactive interface. The user can tag any object—a cup, a marker, a book, even their clothing—with a vocabulary of sounds, sights or other media using RFID sensors.
Installations, interactive design, MIT media lab, OnObject, senses, touch, digital, devices, Enhancement, tactile, interface, tag, Object, vocabulary, sensors, educational tool