Digital Badges for Real World Learning

The Cooper-Hewitt DesignPrep program  (one of 30 winners of the Digital Media and Learning Competition) is supporting lifelong learning through the integration of digital badges.
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DesignPrep Scholars: Prototyping Interactive Experiences for the Cooper-Hewitt

Interaction design is not just about the way an individual interacts with his or her surroundings, it is about bringing people together and starting conversations. On February 4th at Cooper-Hewitt’s uptown Design Center, this was the theme for our group of Design Scholars’ most recent workshop. We held our first meeting with a few user experience (UX) designers from Local Projects, a New-York based media design firm..
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A City of Neighborhoods Workshop for Educators

Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum is offering a community based design education program for educators that will integrate collaborative problem solving and design thinking. The program applies design education to a neighborhood context, providing access to museum and community resources including subject-matter experts and content knowledge. The program presents a method for extending the classroom into the community, and integrating project-based, experiential learning into any existing curriculum. The strategies gained in A City of Neighborhoods can be used to transform the neighborhood into a visual textbook, making any subject area immediately relevant to students by directly relating to their real-life experience.
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Meet the Staff: Kimberly Cisneros

Kimberly Cisneros, School & Tours Manager, shares her experience working at Cooper-Hewitt.
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Shout about design

Access to clean drinking water, sustainable energy sources and changes in the environment are some of the challenges faced by many around the world. Designers, from the Australia to Bangladesh, are responding with innovative design solutions.
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Cooper-Hewitt: Sustainable Fashion for a Living World (AUDIO ONLY)

Join Rogan Gregory and Scott Hahn, co-founders of Loomstate, Julie Gilhart, Senior Vice President and fashion director of Barneys New York, and Leslie Hoffman, executive director of Earth Pledge in conversation with Sarah Scaturro, textile conservator, curator and author, on the importance and future of sustainable fashion.
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Cooper-Hewitt: 2009 Teen Design Fair with Tim Gunn

New York City teens were invited to learn about careers from over thirty professionals working in the fields of fashion, industrial, multi-media and graphic design as well as architecture. Design colleges from around the country were on hand to provide admission and financial aid information. Tim Gunn, members of the cast of Project Runway, and designers from Google, Nike, Gensler, 2x4, SHoP Architects, and more participated in the Teen Design Fair. The event took place during National Design Week, October 1924, 2009.
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Why Design Now?: Learning Landscape

Why? Learning Landscape is a universal, adaptable approach to elementary math education. This simple grid of half-submerged tires can be built anywhere in the world from cast-off materials. Using chalk to mark numbers on the tires, teachers and students play games that mobilize the natural excitement of group competition and physical movement. The concept comes from Project H Design, a not-for-profit organization that uses design to improve the quality of human life.
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Why Design Now?: Ripple Effect

Why? Over 1.3 billion people worldwide drink unsafe water. Ripple Effect, a collaboration between the Acumen Fund, IDEO, and Indian and Kenyan water organizations, stimulates innovation among water suppliers. In Indias Thar Desert region, the Jal Bhagirathi Foundation developed a new business model to convince communities to purchase treated water. In the Andhra Pradesh region, WaterHealth International has used entertainment-based education to encourage the community to use clean water.
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2010 D.C. Teen Design Fair

Washington DC teens gathered at the Smithsonian American Art Museum's Renwick Gallery to learn about education and careers in design from the National Design Awards winners, finalists and jurors. These professionals are working in the fields of fashion, industrial design, architecture, multimedia, and graphic design. Tim Gunn and Cooper-Hewitt's Director of Education Caroline Payson lead a discussion with the audience.  
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