Design for the Other 90% Cities

Babajob.com_CITIES exhibition

2011. Created by Jaaga Media Center; produced by Babajob Services; directed by Clemence Barret and Archana Prasad; animated by Hannes Wagner. Courtesy of Babajob Services. Informal workers often find jobs through people they know, just as employers look to their social networks to find informal workers., a social networking service, connects impoverished job seekers with employers and expands the reach of both jobs and job seekers, in many ways mimicking the network through which Indians find and fill jobs.
Design for the Other 90% Cities, Exhibition, Babajob, job seeking, informal workforce, informal workers, India, social network, social networking

M-PESA Money-transfer System_CITIES exhibition

2009. Editor: Red Sky Advertising Agency. Courtesy of Safaricom. Urban workers traditionally sent money home to their villages by post or courier or delivered it themselves. M-PESA (M stands for mobile, and pesa means "money" in Swahili) allows users—over thirteen million users in three and a half years—to send and receive money securely with a simple text message on their mobile phones.
Design for the Other 90% Cities, Exhibition, M-PESA, money transfer system, money transfer, remittances, mobile banking, Kenya

Ascendant Public Architecture

Public architecture in South America put North America to shame. There’s something about the emerging Latin American countries that promotes viable, scalable, building projects that can transform a neighborhood, even a city – for everyone.
Design for the Other 90% Cities, Exhibition, Architecture, public, South America, Latin America, resources, Medellin, Colombia, instititutional, building, Santiago, Chile, housing, social, Elemental