Ceramics by Picasso

Pablo Picasso, ceramics, 20th century

The Four Continents: From the Collection of James Hazen Hyde

ceramics, drawings, Glass, metalwork, textiles, permanent collection, James Hazen Hyde

Creative Craft in Denmark Today: An Exhibition of Contemporary Work Organized by the Danish Handcraft Guild

Denmark, Danish, Greenland, handicrafts, artisans, decorative arts, textiles, ceramics, jewelry, furniture, wallcoverings, 20th century

Ancient Mexico in Miniature: Pre-Columbian Clay Figures from the Collection of Frances Pratt and Bumpei Usui.

Mexico, pre-Columbian, clay, ceramics, miniatures, Mexican

Porcelain in the Collection of Cooper-Hewitt Museum

Publication design: Lorraine Wild
Porcelain, ceramics, decorative arts, permanent collection

Tiles in the Collection of the Cooper-Hewitt Museum

Publication design: Heidi Humphrey
tiles, ceramics, patterns, permanent collection

Pottery in the Collection of the Cooper-Hewitt Museum

Publication design: Heidi Humphrey
pottery, ceramics, decorative objects, permanent collection, ch:exhibition=35349425

Design and Food Journal 01: Planting the Flag

In this Research-in-Progress blog series, I’ll be testing ideas and sharing what piques my interest around design and food, part of early ongoing research I’m undertaking here at Cooper-Hewitt in preparation for an exhibition. I view this space as an important part of the process, pulling back the curtain, if you will, on initial thinking that will shape the exhibition. Consider it your special backstage tour. This journal will therefore get messy, but that’s precisely the intention – to have a space where ideas can emerge, develop, be thrown out or be enriched. I’m thirsty for suggestions and feedback, so please do share.
Design and Food, food, contemporary design, ceramics, exhibitions

Bill's Design Talks: A Tribute to Eva Zeisel

Eva Zeisel was an industrial designer, ceramic artist, writer, and force of nature. During her extraordinary career, which spanned nine decades, she produced highly recognizable domestic items that changed the way Americans set their tables and furnished their homes. Zeisel was widely regarded as a master of modern design, creating objects that were beautiful as well as useful. She often said that her work was the "playful search for beauty."
Eva Zeisel, Industrial Designer, Ceramic Artist, Playful Search for Beauty, ceramics, pottery, Tribute, Jed Perl, James Klein, David Reid, bills design talks, panel, talk, long, public program

Henry C. Mercer Tiles

This exhibition features the work of Henry C. Mercer, an anthropologist and archeologist who founded the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works. After investigating and documenting artifacts and historical processes related to decorative ceramics, Mercer was able to develop new manufacturing methods for tiles and mosaics.
ceramics, pottery, tiles, mosaics, exhibitions