Palaces for the People

This exhibition surveys 100 years of resort and motel architecture and design in the United States. The photographs and architectural drawings on display are complemented by an array of objects and ephemera, including matchboxes, menus, towels, cutlery and stationery. Organized by Richard B. Oliver, Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum’s Curator of Architecture and Design.
Architecture, architectural drawings, photographs, ephemera, tourism, hotels, resorts, exhibitions

Drawing Toward a More Modern Architecture

This exhibition is devoted to architectural draftsmanship and the importance of drawings in the design process—from napkin sketches and exploratory studies to presentation drawings. Among the architects whose works shown are Robert Kliment, Frances Halsband, Alan Chimacoff, Barbara Littenberg, Steven Peterson, Janet Needham McCaffrey, and Robin McCaffrey. Organized by Richard B. Oliver, Curator of Architecture and Design.
Architecture, architectural drawings, 20th century, exhibitions

In Celebration of Water

This exhibition explores the use of water in architecture, landscapes, and decoration. Among the works on view are designs by Gwathmey Siegel Architects, Lawrence Halprin, Philip Johnson, Charles Moore, Robert Stern, Philip Stone, and the firm Peters, Clayberg and Caulfield. In the Museum's gardens, two water sculptures produce continuous rainbows. Organized and by Richard B. Oliver, Curator of the Architecture and Design Departments, with the assistance of Nancy Ferguson.
water, Architecture, landscape architecture, decorative objects, sculpture, exhibitions

Crosscurrents: Neoclassical Drawings and Prints from the Cooper-Hewitt Collection

This exhibition features a selection of 135 French, Italian, German, and English drawings and prints of late 18th- and 19th-century architecture, decorative arts, and ornament, accompanied by related objects.
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MA, Space/Time in Japan

This exhibition, designed by the Japanese architect Arata Isozaki, consists of nine sections, each expressing an aspect of the ancient Japanese space/time concept of "Ma" through photographic essays, sculptures, and traditional structures, such as the teahouse and the Noh stage.
Japan, Arata Isozaki, Architecture, photography, sculpture, exhibitions

Alvar Aalto: 1898–1976

This retrospective of the work of the major Finnish architect features photographs, original drawings, architectural models, furniture, and glassware. Organized by the Finnish Museum of Architecture.
Alvar Aalto, Finland, Architecture, architectural drawings, models, photographs, furniture, glassware, traveling exhibitions

Roma Interrotta

Twelve contemporary architects reimagine Rome, based on Giambattista Nolli's 18th-century urban plan. This exhibition includes the work of Piero Sartogo, Costantino Dardi, Antoine Grumbach, James Stirling, Paolo Portoghesi, Romaldo Giurgola, Robert Venturi, Colin Rowe, Michael Graves, Leon Krier, Aldo Ross, and Robert Krier.
Rome, Architecture, MAPS, urban planning, traveling exhibitions

Beach, Boardwalk, Boulevard

A study of the past, present, and future of Atlantic City as projected in the architecture, design, and artifacts of this famed seaside resort town.
Architecture, resort, tourism, traveling exhibitions

Spectacular Spaces: Drawings from the Cooper-Hewitt Collection

Originally shown as part of a larger show in Cologne, Germany, this exhibition features a selection of Cooper-Hewitt architectural drawings from the 16th to the 20th century. Shown in the Design Gallery, these rare drawings of interiors, exteriors, fountains, gardens, and stage designs balance art and architecture.
Architecture, architectural drawings, traveling exhibitions


Documenting a remarkable achievement in urban design, this exhibition explores the social history and architectural evolution of the American suburb from its 16th-century prototypes to the 20th-century concept of a "city village" through original drawings, site plans, photographs, and brochures. The exhibition allows visitors to view the work and ideas of major architects, H. H. Richardson, Frank Lloyd Wright, and M. H. Baillie Scott, as well as relatively unknown architects such as Grosvenor Atterbury, Ernest Flagg, and Electus Litchfield.
Architecture, architectural drawings, exhibitions