Redesigning Cooper-Hewitt: Drawings by Polshek & Partners Architects

A display of architectural floor plans, renderings, and illustrations of the renovations for the Mansion and houses designed by James Polshek and Partners. The first phase of the renovation updated the ground floor galleries, and the second phase includes the opening of a design resource center, which scheduled to be completed in time for the Museum’s Centennial Celebration in the fall of 1997.
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Design for Life: A Centennial Celebration

This exhibition features works designed for daily life, and is comprised of selections from the Museum's permanent collection, chosen by the graphic designer, Stephen Doyle, and the architect, Leslie Gail. The diverse objects include an Eames chair, a red and white Soviet chess set, and a toothbrush. 
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Do-it-Yourself Architecture for the Great Outdoors

Ten commercially-available tents are on display, featuring space-age materials combined with modern techniques and technologies.
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Under the Sun: An Outdoor Exhibition of Light

Follow the successful efforts to harness the sun’s power for home and industry, beginning in 1830 with the work of Edmund Becquerel, who discovered that photovoltaic cells had the power to convert sunlight to electricity. Objects include a tent covered in thin-film photovoltaic panels, a solar-powered decorative fountain, a solar cooker, a prototype for a solar-powered laptop, and a sundial with twelve chairs, each of which provides enough light to read by at night.  Organized by Lucy Fellowes. Sponsored by BP Solar and the United States Department of Energy. 
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Aluminum by Design: Jewelry to Jets

On view are more than 100 objects that trace aluminum's first appearance in precious and fine jewelry through early modernist uses in architecture and interiors to its present and envisioned role in aeronautics and other major industries. Highlights include an ornate table centerpiece presented to Emperor Napoleon III, a Paco Rabanne mini dress from 1968, and Claire Graham's 1997 chaise longue made of recycled soda cans. On loan from the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, and will travel. Sponsored by the Alcoa Foundation with Target.
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Skin: Surface, Substance, and Design

More than 150 objects—an international mix of products, fashion, furniture, architecture, and digital media—explore the role of "skin" as outer surface and structural form. Skin is the frontier of physical contact from person to person and from person to built environment. In contemporary design, surfaces have become active, flexible interfaces that connect and contain bodies, objects, and spaces.
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New Hotels for Global Nomads

Featuring an international mix of architecture, product design, fashion, and media, this exhibition highlights a current generation of hotels that meet tourists' demands for entertainment and business travelers' needs for offices on the road.
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Solos: SmartWrap

Designed by the Philadelphia-based Kieran Timberlake Associates LLP, Smartwrap is a concept for a customizable building material that incorporates emerging technologies in heating, lighting, and solar energy in a building’s façade.
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National Design Triennial: Inside Design Now

A showcase of work by 80 American designers, the second installment of the National Design Triennial includes both conceptual and realized objects from current and emerging leaders in a variety of design fields.
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Solos: FutureShack

In the second installment of the Solos exhibition series, Cooper-Hewitt presents Australian architect Sean Godsell’s architectural prototype FutureShack, a low-cost, mobile housing project which addresses the shelter needs of refugees and displaced or homeless persons around the world.
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