Cooper-Hewitt: Design Du Jour, the End of the Plate? - Panel Discussion

Katsuya Fukushima (minibar, Washington, DC), Homaro Cantu (Moto, Chicago), and Grant Achatz and designer Martin Kastner (Alinea, Chicago) discuss experimentation and iconoclastic new ways of presenting food. Moderator: Darra Goldstein, co-curator, Feeding Desire
Design Du Jour, Grant Achatz, chef, Alinea, Chicago, Katsuya Fukushima, Minibar, Washington DC, Homaru Cantu, Moto, Martin Kastner, Designer, Darra Goldstein, Feeding Desire, food presentation, experimentation, alternatives, iconoclast, panel, talk, long, public program

Cooper-Hewitt: Summer Design Institute 2007 - When Traditional Approaches Fail

Dr. Paul Polak, founder of International Development Enterprises and D-Rev, explores when traditional approaches to alleviating poverty fail and how more affordable alternative solutions can succeed.
Paul Polak, International Development Enterprises, IDE, D-Rev, alleviating poverty, traditional approaches, failure, alternatives, affordable, Summer Design Institute, talk, long

E/S Orcelle Container Ship: "Delivering The Future Ahead of Schedule"

If there is one design on view at the 2010 Triennial that affects the lives of every American, it is the E/S Orcelle container ship. It is designed as a response to impending changes in the shipping industry, which currently causes 5% of the world’s carbon emissions. 
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