world's fairs

1964: I was there…in my Orange and Blue

The Cooper-Hewitt Library has a large collection of over 2,000 World’s fair catalogues and books. Some are children’s souvenirs and stories.
1964-65 Worlds Fair, New York City, Elizabethy Broman, Cooper-Hewitt Library, world's fairs

Crystal Palaces: The Buildings of the First World’s Fairs

The exhibition displays a remarkable collection of photographs, prints, stereo views, and souvenir ephemera of the Crystal Palaces from the 1851 World's Fair in London and the 1853 World's Fair in New York. London’s Crystal Palace housed the “Great Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations;” New York's Crystal Palace, built in Bryant Park behind the New York Public Library, was destroyed by a fire just five years after its construction.
world's fairs, Architecture, prints, ephemera, London, New York City, 19th century, exhibitions