A Way With Wood

When I first saw this console by the Japanese-American master woodworker and furniture maker, George Nakashima, I was, and still am, struck by the wonderful twelve-foot long expanse of wood that is the console top. It seems to be a celebration of the material, of the tree it came from—a warm-toned surface with a silky, nuanced grain and soft contoured edges, a surface that invites you to look, study, touch and run your hand along to feel it, even to tap it, hear it.
George Nakashima, wood, walnut, pandana, furniture

A Work By Wendell Castle

This chest, by twentieth-century American designer/craftsman Wendell Castle is an outstanding example of the American studio furniture movement.
chest, stereo cabinet, Wendell Castle, studio craft, furniture, wood, laminated wood, Wharton Esherick, American

Santos from Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, devotional figures, santos, saints, carving, handicrafts, wood, collections

Polished Perfection: The Art of Turned-Wood Bowls, the Edward Jacobson Collection

This exhibition features 84 works by 21 contemporary North American craftsmen and four early American settlers, all of whom work in turned-wood. The lathe has been used by craftsmen to hew blocks of wood into functional and decorative objects for thousands of years. In the 20th century, when mechanized mass-production replaced the hand lathe, the craftsmen who persisted in turning were able to more freely explore their own aesthetic. Works on view include those by Del Stubbs, Ed Moulthrop, James Prestini, Melvin Lindquist, and Ronald Kent, among others. 
wood, craftsmanship, hand-crafted, artisans, lathe, traveling exhibitions