Weaving Willow into Wicker

Isn’t it wonderful to sit outside under a shady tree in a comfortable chair? Wicker furniture, cold drinks and a porch swing…heaven. I used to have a wicker armchair in my living room, bought at a junk store and treasured until it began squeaking with the slightest movement and my cats started turning it a pile of twigs. I don’t think that wicker ever really went out of fashion- it was woven in many decorative styles; Victorian, Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts, or streamlined modern.
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Cooper-Hewitt: Campana Brothers Select

On view February 15--September 28, 2008
Fernando Campana, Humberto Campana, Brazil, TransPlastic, chair, wicker, plastic rope, Vermelha, São Paulo, Exhibition, series

Slideshow: Making Trans... chair

Fernando and Humberto explain their TransPlastic series as a fictional story wherein, in a world made of plastic, synthetic matter eventually becomes fertile ground for transgenic creations in which nature grows from and eventually overpowers plastic.
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