A Pastoral Fantasy

 Imagine being able to change the entire look of your favorite dress by simply changing the front panel. If you lived in the eighteenth century, this would be your reality. Stomachers were an important part of a women's dress between the seventeenth and nineteenth century, they were most popular during the Rococo movement in eighteenth-century France. The stomacher is a panel that is attached to the bodice of a dress. It can be removed and changed for different styles or formal occasions.
women’s fashion, rococo, pastoral scenes, Versailles, Madame de Pompadour

The Queen of Roses

Above all flowers, Queen Marie Antoinette prized roses. She was often painted with roses in hand or displayed in her hair. Certain portraits—as well as this mirror design from 1781–90—featured rose garlands as decorative motifs. Though roses were her favorite, all flowers were of great importance to the Queen, both wild and cultivated.
Marie-Antoinette, Richard de Lalande, mirror, rose, flowers, garland, Léon Decloux, monogram, drawing, graphite, France, royalty, Versailles