A Strong Design for a Woman of Strong Tastes

This soup plate is one of my favorite designs of all times. Its wonderful, overlapping, radiating arcs create a design for any era. On this plate the design is moulded and sculpted in relief suggesting an openwork basketweave, with hand-painted highlights in gold set with pink-painted flowerheads where the weave crosses.
soup plate, hard-paste, Porcelain, Russia, Elizabeth, Meissen, trellis, Rastrelli

The Enduring Diamond Trellis Wallpaper

I would like to talk about one of the more enduring motifs in wallpaper design, the trellis, or diamond trellis to be more specific. This bamboo design is from the Royal Pavilion at Brighton (completed 1823) which was the residence built for George IV, Prince of Wales. This is about the earliest this motif shows up as an all-over wallpaper pattern. This paper was used in the Duke of York's bedroom, George IVs brother. The Pavilion contained a great variety of wallpaper designs and this pattern was likely used as a border to accompany another paper.
Brighton Pavilion, bamboo, trellis, diamond, harlequin, wallpaper

Janice Arnold Sketches

During a visit to Cooper-Hewitt about a year and a half ago, West-coast felt-maker Janice Arnold was intrigued by the form of the museum’s conservatory. Its domed roof and iron mullions resemble the radiating struts of the framework of a yurt—the circular tent dwelling of the nomadic tribes who first created felt.
Janice Arnold, sketches, JA FELT, felt, wool, Palace Yurt, installation, Fashioning Felt, Exhibition, Conservatory, yurt, tent, nomad, nomadic, handmade, Merino wool, materials, texture, wall, panels, light, tactility, felting, tradition, contemporary, trellis, fabrics, spiritual events