Tone Vigeland

No Breeze Will Ruffle These Feathers

On first glance, this necklace by the Norwegian jeweler and metalwork artist Tone Vigeland, appears to be a luxurious collar made of delicate, lustrous blue-black feathers. It is actually an intricate tour de force in metals, composed of hundreds of steel nails that Vigeland flattened and forged by hand, then meticulously attached one by one to a silver chainmail backing, and embellished with a ring of gold pod-like beads and a simple rose-colored mother-of-pearl clasp.
Tone Vigeland, Norway, jewelry, nails, gold, mother-of-pearl

The Jewelry of Tone Vigeland

Norwegian jeweler, Tone Vigeland, transforms silver, steel, gold and other heavy metals into jewelry that is sculptural, light, and graceful. This exhibition features jewelry created over the past 40 years, including earrings, bracelets, necklaces, metal-mesh hats, shoulder pieces, and long mesh chains.
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