Everybody Must Get Stoned

This is an imitation stone design. I’m not sure what type of stone this is but the colors are quite intense and there is no question this is supposed to look like an actual stone surface. This is woodblock-printed in five colors on a blue ground, with one wood block needed to print each color. Woodblock printing is a very precise process and if the blocks are not printed in the correct order and on register the design does not read correctly. I mention this fact because at first glance this design appears to be hand painted because it is difficult to pinpoint the exact repeat.
wallpaper, stone, imitation, blue, wood block print

Searching for Perfection

Richard Meier’s Getty Center, which sits atop a hill in Santa Monica, is, arguably, the last great building of the 20th century. While some liken the complex to a fortified Tuscan hill town, and Meier himself says that he was thinking of Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli or the Villa Farnese in Caprarola, it reminds me of another ancient hilltop complex, the Parthenon.
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