Smithsonian Institution

Creating a Beautiful Learning Environment for Children

After viewing this wallpaper frieze in the collection numerous times and always being enamored by its simplicity and charm, I finally took the initiative to do some research to see what it actually was. Stylized birds and peacock feathers are intertwined with a scrolling rinceau pattern, creating a delightful frieze pattern. The design is rendered in a very flat manner with no hint at shading to suggest depth.While the design is quite intricate it is not overly complicated.
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The Smithsonian is the world’s largest museum complex, with 12 museums, the National Zoo and more than 70 million objects and specimens in its collections. This exhibition brings together representative objects from each of the collections into one space.
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A Resource for All Designers?

As Cooper-Hewitt a national design organization and a part of the Smithsonian, I wonder how we can increase and diffuse knowledge for designers of all disciplines?
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