renewable energy

Why Design Now?: M10 Kite-Power System

Why? This kite system harnesses the winds energy with a tethered wing that flies at high altitudes where the wind is both strong and more consistent. As the kite sweeps through a vast amount of area, small wing-mounted turbines extract power from the wind, converting it into electrical power. The tether transmits electrical power to the ground, where special conditioning hardware connects to a power grid.
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Why Design Now?: bioWAVE Ocean-wave Energy System

Why? Ocean waves are an abundant and untapped source of renewable energy. The bioWAVE harnesses this energy and converts it into grid-connected electricity. Mounted on the seabed, the unit is biomimetically designed to adapt to marine life. Each unit is expected to generate up to two megawatts of energy. Farms can harvest enough clean power to meet utility-scale electricity needs.
Bio Wave, renewable energy, ocean energy, biomimetic, Why Design Now, Exhibition

Why Design Now?: E/S Orcelle cargo carrier

Why? Oceangoing ships present significant health, pollution, and efficiency challenges. The concept vessel E/S Orcelle is designed to be propelled without oil. Made of lightweight materials, it relies on energy sources obtained at sea—solar energy collected through photovoltaic panels in the sails, wind energy obtained through propulsion sails, and wave energy from fins, which can be transformed into hydrogen, electricity, or mechanical energy.
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