Biedermeier Bidet and Reading Washstand

The early nineteenth century marked the end of the Napoleonic Wars, which left Germany and many other countries in a state of destitution.[1] As the German middle class developed and grew wealthier due to industrialization during the succeeding decades, they demanded a new style of furniture characterized by “plain, unpretentious, and inoffensive”[2] objects.
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Designing Media - James Truman

I was lucky to be able to interview James Truman in Napa Valley, not so far away from my home base, where he was staying in a visitor’s cottage on the Francis Ford Coppola estate.
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Do I want an iPad?

As the popularity of eBooks and eInk surges, I wonder about the impact on book publishing and ponder the pleasures of traditional paper books. Why would anyone want an electronic book?
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