Raoul Dufy

John Piper, Work Across Media

John Piper, a well-known British painter and author, was most famous for his watercolor paintings of the English landscape. A lover of English architecture, particularly churches, Piper was instrumental in promoting a romanticized English countryside in an attempt to establish a sense of national identity. It wasn’t until he was appointed official artist for his home country during World War II that Piper was able to truly make his mark.  In November 1940, the painter was sent to the city of Coventry to record the shell of its cathedral after an air raid left the city in ruins.
John Piper, Coventry Cathedral, watercolor, Georges Braque, Raoul Dufy

Summer Harvest

The French painter Raoul Dufy is best known for his colorful scenes of Parisian life, and the light, urbane feeling that characterizes his paintings carries through to his woven silk designs. But his block-printed linen textiles show a different set of influences. The depiction of the cutting blade on this combine, as well as the propeller-like feeling of the sheaves of wheat, may have been inspired by the Italian futurists, with their interest in speed and motion.
Raoul Dufy, Leon Bonnat, Guillaume Apollinaire, woodcuts, Paul Poiret, Petite Usine, Wiener Werkstätte, futurism