Sparkie, the little boy with big ambitions

I first came across this wallpaper when I was looking for children’s wallpapers for an exhibition I worked on a number of years ago. Sparkie was a puppet who believed he was a real boy, and he played the central figure in Big Jon and Sparkie, a children’s radio show that aired on Saturday mornings from 1950-1958. Big Jon and Sparkie was a serial with adaptations of classic books or original adventures adapted from Arthur's neighborhood.
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"The Latest Radio Success"

Raymond Loewy was one of the most prominent industrial designers in the United States.  A French émigré, he began practicing in the new field of industrial design in New York City in the 1920s.
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Designing Media - Tim Westergren

In 2000 Tim Westergren founded Pandora, the personalized Internet radio service. Based on his Music Genome Project, Pandora selects songs and artists with similar musical qualities to a sample chosen by the listener and creates a “radio station just for you.”
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Designing Media - Introduction

I was working on Designing Media for a couple of years while I was still at IDEO, before coming to the Cooper-Hewitt. It’s a partner volume to my first book Designing Interactions in that it combines the book with a DVD and a website, 
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