The Power of the Purse

In Elizabethan England (1558 – 1603), elaborate purses were often used to parcel gifts, and this lustrous purse may have been intended as a luxurious gift wrap. At New Year’s, for example, higher nobles and bishops were obliged to present Queen Elizabeth with gold coin-filled purses as a sign of their gratitude and loyalty to their monarch.
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One for the Money

Has Tax Day left you pinching your pennies? Then you may appreciate the secure storage offered by miser’s purses. These oblong purses often have small center slit openings with sliding rings to secure coins in the purses’ ends (though sometimes clasps are used). Although these purses have existed in various forms since the seventeenth-century, they developed the shape seen here in the early nineteenth century.
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Purses, Pockets, Pouches

More than 150 examples are on display in this exhibition of men’s and women’s bags and purses from four centuries of European and American design. These knitted, netted, beaded, appliqued, and embroidered examples were intended for holding a range of objects, including tobacco, combs, love letters, gifts, perfume, and, of course, coins.
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