Why Design Now?: IF Mode Folding Bicycle

Why? Most folding bicycles are heavy and difficult to collapse. Conceived as portable luggage, the IF Mode is made of lightweight materials and eliminates oily chains, complex tubes, hidden dirt traps, and much of the clutter of conventional bicycles. As mobility systems become more interconnected, portable, folding designs like this will facilitate transfers between different modes of transportation.
IF Mode folding bicycle, portable, lightweight, materials, Why Design Now, Exhibition

Why Design Now?: Solar rechargeable battery lanterns

Why? In most rural areas of the developing world, people rely on fuels such as kerosene that are dangerous and pose serious health problems. The Solar-Rechargeable lamp is both a safe, electrical lighting alternative and it reduces greenhouse gases. It is also a service-oriented solution for rural electrification: villagers rent these portable, rechargeable lanterns from central solar charging stations.
sunlabob, solar, rechargeable, battery, lanterns, portable, developing world, Why Design Now, Exhibition

Do-it-Yourself Architecture for the Great Outdoors

Ten commercially-available tents are on display, featuring space-age materials combined with modern techniques and technologies.
tents, Industrial Design, Architecture, portable, shelter, exhibitions

Designing Media - Paul Saffo

I put the interview with Paul Saffo at the beginning of the book because he gives such an erudite overview of the changes in media and the challenges faced by the people involved its creation and design.
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Do I want an iPad?

As the popularity of eBooks and eInk surges, I wonder about the impact on book publishing and ponder the pleasures of traditional paper books. Why would anyone want an electronic book?
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