Wall Treatments with Impact

These two designs were among the samples removed from a wallpaper sample book produced by the Grantil Company in 1928. While each of these patterns is boldly styled and colored in itself, they were designed to be used in tandem. A number of samples contained in this book had applied lithographed illustrations showing the manufacturer’s suggestions for using these papers to best effect, which often included the combination of multiple papers on a single wall.
Art Deco, wallpaper, pink, patterns

Linoleum Lives On

Turning the pages of this 1939 Armstrong pattern catalog brings me back to when I first moved into my apartment.
Linoleum, Floors, Armstrong Cork Company, Smithsonian Libraries, patterns, National Design Library

Decorated Book Papers: Seventeenth to Twentieth Century

endpapers, bookbnding, marbling, woodblock prints, paper, paste papers, patterns

Kata-gami: Japanese Stencils in the Collection of the Cooper-Hewitt Museum

Publication design: Lazin & Katalan
stencils, kata-gami, patterns, textile printing, paper

Tiles in the Collection of the Cooper-Hewitt Museum

Publication design: Heidi Humphrey
tiles, ceramics, patterns, permanent collection

Embroidered Samplers in the Collection of the Cooper-Hewitt Museum

Publication design: Abigail Sturges
embroidery, samplers, patterns, fabric, thread, needlework, handicrafts, permanent collection, ch:exhibition=35349951


Nineteenth-century Japanese stencils (kata-gami) used for dyeing textiles provide invaluable insights into the geometric forms, costumes, and figures used at that time—although the original fabrics are gone, the stencils remain! This exhibition also features stencil-dyed fabrics and photographs to help illustrate this textile printing process.
stencils, kata-gami, patterns, textile printing, paper, exhibitions


This exhibition showcases tiles from the 13th through the 20th century, from a variety of countries and cultures including Persia, Islamic Spain, and the Netherlands. The majority of tiles are from the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum’s permanent ceramic collection, with a portion of the objects on loan from other private and public collections. Many tiles will be displayed to the public for the first time.
tiles, ceramics, patterns, exhibitions, spain, Netherlands, Persia

Contemporary Continuous Pattern

This exhibition presents patterns designed for continuous surfaces, with an aim to bring together a group of works that reflect personal points of view and begin to establish the look of the decade. On view are printed and painted fabrics, wallcoverings, woven fabrics, and preliminary design drawings reflecting a wide range of methods and materials, all created within the past three years.
textiles, fabrics, drawings, patterns, 1980s, exhibitions, ch:exhibition=35349999

Embroidered Samplers

These embroidered samplers, chosen from the Museum's collection of more than one thousand samplers, represent work from the seventeenth through the nineteen century that was made in the United States, Mexico, Western Europe, and China. These works, often handcrafted by young girls, are arranged geographically.
embroidery, samplers, handicrafts, needlework, fabric, thread, patterns, exhibitions, permanent collection, ch:exhibition=35349951