Interplay between 2-D surface and 3-D structure

Grethe Sørensen is an artist and weaver who designs according to architectonic principles. Her interest in photography, cinematography, animation, optics and illusion is expressed in textiles which show a deep understanding of the weaving process, constantly exploring the interplay between two-dimensional surface and three-dimensional structure.
Grethe Sørensen, textile, pattern, illusion, Kvadrat

A Whole Lot of Pattern Going On

Historically, wallpapers were rarely designed to be used alone, and wallpapers would always have been paired with at least one border. Along with the multiple patterns on the wall it was also fashionable to paper ceilings from about 1850 up into the 1950s. The use of a single wallpaper in a room, or just papering one wall, is a fairly recent notion.
wallpaper, companion, floral, stripe, pattern, Art Deco, French

A Puzzling Order

Anni Albers used her art to introduce order and clarity into an otherwise unstable and chaotic world.  She grew up in Berlin during World War I and in 1933 was forced to leave Germany for the US after the Nazis came to power and closed the Bauhaus where she and her husband, Josef Albers, were teaching. She had joined the Bauhaus as a student in 1922. There she studied weaving and is best known for her woven art, produced over a weaving career of almost fifty years.  
Anni Albers, Knoll Textiles, Bauhaus, pattern