Communication Man

Vladimir and Georgii Stenberg were born in Moscow, in 1899 and 1900. They attended the Stroganov School of Applied Art and took classes in military engineering. In the early 1920s they joined with other artists including Alexander Rodchenko in an exhibition of Constructivist sculpture and painting. The Stenbergs' contributions were non objective sculptures of glass, metal, wire, and wood showing lines and planes floating in space. Their earliest graphic design efforts were for the theater which the Soviet state supported as a powerful propaganda tool. They provided inventive and graphic costumes and sets for the Moscow Chamber Theater productions by George Bernard Shaw, Eugene O'Neill and Bertolt Brecht. In one case they included the names of the characters running down the sides of their costumes.
Vladimir Stenberg, Georgii Stenberg, Moscow, Stroganov School of Applied Art, Alexander Rodchenko, posters, theater