mobile phone

A vision of the future from the past

When I first stumbled across this object in the Museum’s collection, I had absolutely no idea what I was looking at. Its form hints subtly at a creature living in the sea or the sky, and I did not understand the small buttons adhered to its body. “Prototype, Wrist Computer,” the object information stated. I still was not clear. Upon researching a bit further, however, it is an absolutely fascinating object that is a surprising concept model for the future, delivered from the past. It is, effectively, a smartphone.
Lisa Krohn, concept, mobile phone, computer, rubber, Human body

Tangible Tuesdays: M-Dress

Cutecircuit’s M-Dress is a concept for a silk jersey dress that integrates a mobile phone.
Cutecircuit, M Dress, integrated design, mobile phone, Interaction Design