A Sewing Machine in Miniature

The craft of sewing is over 20,000 years old. The first needles were made of bone, antler, or horn, used to stitch together animal hides with thread-like sinew. Over time, thread and woven textiles became prevalent and there were advances in sewing tools—the earliest iron needles date from the fourteenth century, and the eyed needle was invented in the fifteenth century—but one thing remained constant: all sewing was done by hand.
Sewing machine, miniature, filigree, silver

Cooper-Hewitt: Shahzia Sikander and Glenn Lowry in Conversation

A conversation with internationally acclaimed artist Shahzia Sikander and art historian and MoMA Director, Glenn Lowry.
Shazia Sikander, Glenn Lowry, miniature, permanent collection, Pakistan, RISD, painter, talk, long, public program