Building Movement

An interview with animator James Duesing. Susan Brown: The question I am most frequently asked as a curator is, “How long would it take to make something like that?” In trying to think of a contemporary form that is comparably labor intensive, animation came to mind.
James Duesing, animation, modeling, mapping, Bernini, embroidery, motion capture

The Power of Maps

The process of mapping and a look at maps as both records and symbols of changing perceptions of the world are documented in this exhibition celebrating the Columbus Quincentenary. More than 200 maps are on view, including a 15th-century clay tablet, a 17th-century Islamic celestial globe, an 18th-century scroll of the coast of China, and contemporary maps based on satellite imagery. The exhibition shows how every map expresses a point of view at the same time that it provides information, and how maps are used every day to shape our vision of who and where we are. 
MAPS, mapping, exhibitions, ch:exhibition=35349307

High Ground Inspirations

I went to Colorado last week for the High Ground Conversation at Mike and Kathy McCoy’s place in the mountains. Every year they invite fifteen to twenty design academics and practitioners to come together for three days to talk about what’s happening in design.
High Ground, conversation, inspiration, Colorado, discussion, presentations, Mike McCoy, Kathy McCoy, Design Timeline, Louise Sandhaus, Andrew Blauvelt, Hugh Dubberly, mapping, alternative, approaches, Peter Stathis, Horizon LED light, Humanscale, Cranbook Academy, Thin Wave, technology