The Power of the Purse

In Elizabethan England (1558 – 1603), elaborate purses were often used to parcel gifts, and this lustrous purse may have been intended as a luxurious gift wrap. At New Year’s, for example, higher nobles and bishops were obliged to present Queen Elizabeth with gold coin-filled purses as a sign of their gratitude and loyalty to their monarch.
purses, macramé, gift-giving, Elizabethan, Bacchus

Knotted Chair

As a member of the Dutch cooperative Droog (Dry) Design, contemporary Dutch designer, Marcel Wanders, shared the group's predilection for simplicity and wit, often creating visually spare and modest designs.  His early works are distinguished by their use of ordinary materials or things---string, sponges, eggs, lamp shades---employed in new and often surprisingly delightful ways.  Because of this, many of Wanders' designs evoke a sense of familiarity,
chair, Marcel Wanders, Droog Design, Cappellini, macramé