Hooks and Frocks

Deborah's work is a contemporary example of trompe l'oeil which has a very long history in wallcoverings. Many of the earliest wallpapers were imitations of textiles, stone and architectural elements. The photo montage technique and the designer’s invite to interact with the scene are very contemporary takes on the mural tradition.  Hooks and Frocks is printed in a gray scale with only the dresses picked out in bright colors.
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How To: Mix Prints

Open an interior decoration magazine, peruse a sartorial blog, or catch-up with the latest fashion on television, and you’ll know mixing prints has been the trend for the last few seasons.  Endorsed as a risky and intimidating choice, it is often accompanied by a number of rules and guidelines. English-born industrial designer George J. Sowden (b. 1942) is renowned for his use of patterns and prints.
George J. Sowden, Postmodernism, Memphis, Italy, prints, screenprint, interior, furniture

Design for a Smoking Room

In honor of the opening of Romantic Interiors, 19th Century Watercolor Interiors from the Thaw Collection at the Beijing World Art Museum today in China, Cooper-Hewitt is featuring one of the most recent gifts from Eugene and Clare Thaw to the Museum.
interior, watercolor, drawing, Thaw Collection, Léon Feuchère, Architecture, set design, tromp l'oeil, domed ceiling

Designing Sustainably Is About to Become Easier

  Two significant tools for American designers seeking to make their design process more sustainable have recently been announced. The first tool, which hopefully will have broad and positive implications for manufacturers of outdoor industry goods, is Eco-Index.  
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2008 National Design Awards

On May 8 Cooper-Hewitt announced the winners and finalists of the ninth annual National Design Awards. Each year the Awards recognize excellence, innovation, and public impact across a variety of disciplines, including architecture, communication, fashion, interior, landscape, and product design.
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