Hugh Ferriss

Celebrating the Commercial Building

Ely Jacques Kahn (1884-1972), a commercial architect active throughout the 1920s and 30s, worked to define the New York aesthetic through his Art Deco skyscrapers. “The industrial structure,” he once commented, “sails merrily into experiment.” Kahn’s observation exemplified the architect’s dual pragmatism and creativity, his ability to meld a practical understanding of the architectural program with innovative form and decoration.
Ely Jacques Kahn, Hugh Ferriss, Architecture, skyscraper, drawing

Mod Metropolis

“There are perfectly sober people who will tell you they have seen high buildings shimmy.”
 “(Modern buildings) show their best to their devotees… (who) will point out to you a score of fleeting expressions in a façade.” Orrick Johns. “What the Modish Building Will Wear.”New York Times, Oct. 4, 1925.
Hugh Ferriss, Architecture, New York City, drawing, conté, Pamela Lawton