Love Garden

Garden designers and brothers André and Paul Vera designed stunning landscape architecture that reflected the changing mode of the early 20thcentury and the shift toward rational modernism. Their unique vocabulary of geometric forms, symmetry and bold color contrasts, helped usher in the Art Moderne style, applying it not to just furniture and architecture, but the natural world as well.
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GlassLab at Cooper-Hewitt

In a special two-week presentation, Cooper-Hewitt will host GlassLab, an innovative program of The Corning Museum of Glass that pairs its master glassmakers with some of the most creative minds working in design today.
Glass Lab, Corning, Garden, Molten, glass-making, collaboration

Video: Boym Partners at GlassLab

Constantin and Laurene Boym of Boym Partners, a New York-based design studio, collaborated with GlassLab which set up shop last month in Cooper-Hewitt’s garden
Constantin Boym, Laurene Boym, Boym Partners, New York City, NYC, design studio, GlassLab, Corning, Corning Museum of Glass, demonstration, performances, Garden, video