Ettore Sottsass

Happy Birthday Ettore

Arabia Felix was quite unique for the time in which it was created as it is nearly 10 feet in length and lacks a vertical repeat. The design contains cloud-like shapes totally void of color against a printed background that shades from a darker spotted blue at the top to white at the bottom. The density of the cloud shapes is greatest where the background is darkest, becoming less dense as the background color decreases, disappearing totally where the background ceases to have color towards the bottom of the wallpaper.
wallpaper, Memphis, Ettore Sottsass

Weekends With My Valentine

For those who like to write for the joy of it—whether using pen and paper or the tablets, laptops, and smart phones that many are so accustomed to today—it is fun to remember a stylish portable manual typewriter that predates our mobile electronic devices.
typewriter, Ettore Sottsass, Jr., Perry A. King, Olivetti, Pop Art