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What's popular in a museum collection after a user interface change?

In last month's report we looked at what was popular on our collection site before we launched our new alpha version. I can happily report that traffic to our collection is up by almost a factor of three. That's three times as much traffic to our collection than before. Even when we exclude the burst at the announcement!
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Designing Media: Alexandra Juhasz

One of 31 video segments featured in 'Designing Media', the new book, DVD and website by Bill Moggridge. More info on 'Designing Medi'a available at
Alexandra Juhasz, Pitzer, digital media, Learning from YouTube, The Owls, Interview, Bill Moggridge, designing media, MIT press

Skin: Surface, Substance, and Design

More than 150 objects—an international mix of products, fashion, furniture, architecture, and digital media—explore the role of "skin" as outer surface and structural form. Skin is the frontier of physical contact from person to person and from person to built environment. In contemporary design, surfaces have become active, flexible interfaces that connect and contain bodies, objects, and spaces.
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John Maeda from the Adobe Museum of Digital Media

John Maeda talks about Neue Craft
John Maeda, RISD, Adobe, Museum of Digital Media, digital media, Lecture, technology, developments, content, migration

Designing Media - Airside

Fred, Nat and Alex are partners in Airside, a London-based creative design agency, with a fluent approach to using multiple media platforms
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