cast iron

Discover Architecture- Carry A Magnet!

On a long ago walking tour of downtown New York, I was charmed and mystified to see people pulling refrigerator magnets or little alphabet letters out of their pockets and having them cling to the deceptively ordinary front of a building! They stuck!
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A Penny Saved: Architecture in Cast-Iron Toy Banks

This exhibition highlights cast-iron money boxes designed and produced for children between 1860 and 1940. In addition to the 100 still and mechanical banks on display, the exhibition also features patent drawings, pattern pieces, and printing blocks. Among these miniature architectural structures are churches, railroad stations, and skyscrapers—including the Woolworth building.
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At Home from Roof to Basement

Yes, I’m starting to feel at home at the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, having started work here this week. On the first day Angela Hall, who looks after everyone’s well being here, gave me a complete tour of the place.
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