carbon neutral

Why Design Now?: Eco-Machine at the Omega Center for Sustainable Living

Why? The Eco-Machine is a carbon-neutral and environmentally safe wastewater-treatment system at the OCSL. In a 10,000-gallon anaerobic tank, microbes digest the sludge, and the wastewater travels to four constructed wetlands, where plants, microbes, fungi, and algae scrub the water. After passing through a final filter, the water is ready for non-potable use.
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Why Design Now?: H20tel

Why? Water is the primary energy source in the H2Otel, and because of this comprehensive use of water, it is expected to be named the first carbon-neutral hotel in the Netherlands. Hydropower is one of the worlds largest sources of renewable energy, and the H2Otel benefits from the relatively low operating costs and low-tech water management solutions associated with hydropower.
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