A manipulated image

Designed by Jocelyn Warner and sold by Blumenthal, this pattern is aptly called Step. Warner creates her designs by scanning objects into her computer and then manipulating the image to simplify their form. Her designs are very bold and printed in refreshing colors. Step is from Warner's second collection produced in the year 2000. This piece was inspired by scanning folded paper, which led to a large 3-D design put together in totem pole lengths. This is screen-printed in just one color. This design and can be installed in a number of different ways.
Jocelyn Warner, wallcovering, image, Central Saint Martins, British

Wallpaper. In 3-D.

Contemporary British designer, Tracy Kendall, challenges the notion that wallcoverings are solely represented in two dimensions. In the White Room, one of her many bespoke three-dimensional wallpapers, is composed of overlapping rectangular sheets of white paper, which are finely hand-stitched onto a white paper backing.
wallcoverings, contemporary, British, Tracy Kendall