American Revolution

Fighting in the Dining Room?

This is a contemporary printing using the original woodblocks of a scenic wallpaper called the Views of the American War of Independence, which was first produced by Zuber et Cie in 1852. This is an adaptation of an earlier scenic called the Views of North America, which highlights some of the scenic wonders of North America. Also called Scenic America, the set contains scenes of Niagara Falls, New York Bay, Boston Harbor, and West Point.
scenic wallpaper, American Revolution, General George Washington, Boston harbor

Portraiture on Wallpaper with George Washington

This wallpaper panel contains a block-printed portrait of George Washington rendered about half-life size. It is unusual to have portraits featured on wallpaper but is seen more often on panels as opposed to repeating designs. The portrait is printed in a monochrome colorway of tans and brown imitating statuary, on a combed ground simulating oak wood grain. Washington is shown dressed in military attire standing on a plinth with a cannon and shot at his feet.
wallpaper, George Washington, American Revolution, War of 1812, statuary, monochrome

Views of the American War of Independence

Views of the American War of Independence was first printed by Zuber in 1852. This paper illustrates the American Revolution in four scenes using the background imagery from an earlier scenic wallpaper called Views of North America first printed by Zuber in 1834. All of the scenes for North America were modifications of original drawings by naturalist painter J. Milbert in 1828, whose drawings illustrate the new practice of showing realistic renderings of landscapes rather than one composed in a studio.
wallpaper, scenic, panorama, papier peint, George Washington, American Revolution