19th century

Nineteenth-Century American Landscape Drawings in the Collection of the Cooper-Hewitt Museum

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Printed Textiles 1760-1860 in the Collection of the Cooper-Hewitt Museum

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Cooper-Hewitt: Rococo, The Continuing Curve

From its inception, exuberant, organic, and sensuous rococo style has inspired subsequent revivals and new movements. As rococo's influence once again gains momentum, Cooper-Hewitt invites scholars Laura Auricchio and Paul Greenhalgh to discuss the social and cultural histories behind rococo in eighteenth-century France and its revival in Art Nouveau at the end of the nineteenth century.
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Cooper-Hewitt: House Proud - Revealing Interiors

As documents of domestic life, the watercolors featured in House Proud celebrate nineteenth-century interiors and the designers that conceived of them. Cooper-Hewitt invites contemporary designers Hermes Mallea, Carey Maloney, Mitchell Owen, and Thomas Jayne to join exhibition curator Gail Davidson for a roundtable discussion on residential interior design, historic restorations, design promotion, and the role of the interior space as a source of pride, convenience, personal status, and presentation then and now. Participants Hermes Mallea, M (Group) Carey Maloney, M (Group)
House Proud, Exhibition, interiors, 19th century, watercolors, Thaw Collection, Hermes Mallea, Carey Maloney, Mitchell Owen, Thomas Jayne, Designer, gail davidson, curator, residential interior design, historic renovation, design promotion, interior space, domestic life, panel, talk, long, public program

The Dream King: Ludwig II of Bavaria

A selection of drawings and gouache designs for Ludwig II's castles and their contents, in addition to articles of furniture, metalwork, and ceramics.  Organized jointly by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.
19th century, architectural drawings, interiors, metalwork, ceramics, furniture, exhibitions

John Henry Belter and the Rococo Revival

This landmark Belter exhibition assembles many rare works from the 19th-century cabinetmaker's New York workshop. 
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English Majolica

This exhibition of colorful, glazed earthenware from 19th-century England includes pieces by Minton, Wedgwood, and George Jones.
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American Enterprise: Nineteenth-Century Patent Models

An exhibition of patent models from the golden age of American invention. The 500 miniature models on display were submitted to the United States Patent Office between 1836 to 1880, the years models were a required part of the patent application. These objects—varyingly iconic, quotidian, and curious—are each under 12-inches tall.  
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Embroidered Ship Portraits

More than 50 examples of 19th-century hand-embroidered portraits of ships are on view. These intricate pieces were most often made by sailors during slow periods on long voyages using readily-available materials, such as sail cloth or trouser fabric.
Great Britain, ships, embroidery, needlework, 19th century, exhibitions

Color by the Yard: Printed Fabrics from 1760 - 1860

This exhibition explores the development of printed cotton textiles and weaving technology. Two hundred objects are on display, including textiles and original wood blocks, printers's sample books, and costumes made of printed fabrics.  
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