Call of the Wild

Animal Kingdom is a beautifully illustrated wallpaper design by Edgar Miller. The design contains line illustrations of eleven different animals and birds which include a pelican, dog, horse and lion, each a wonderful caricature of an identifiable species. They are drawn in a gestural fashion with a splash of white filling in the creature’s body.
wallpaper, Edgar Miller, illustration, 1950s, animal

From Dumpster to Gallery, a Wallpapers Rise to Fame

The provenance of this piece is kind of a fun rags to riches story. This wallpaper is a very mass-produced example of mid-century design, containing a dense pattern of organic, stylized foliage forms with boomerang overlays, quite typical for the 1950s. The paper was donated to the Museum by a woman who was interning in the Wallcoverings Department, who happened to mention that her husband had been walking down the street and found this cool wallpaper in the garbage. When the intern was telling the story, the curator was intrigued and asked if she could see it.
wallpaper, mid-century, 1950s, boomerang, floral