Wallpaper: Mythology, Glens Falls, New York, 1938. Designed by Teresa Kilham. Gift of Teresa Kilham.

Birth of Venus

The reason I chose this wallcovering by Teresa Kilham was due to the mythology behind this piece. As a child I was obsessed with Greek and Roman mythology. I was so fascinated by all the different gods and goddesses. The gods portrayed in this piece, Neptune and Venus are largely involved in the ocean which I have also loved my whole life. When I was younger my favorite mythological god was Aphrodite due to her strange "birth." The story behind her birth is that she rose from the sea foam in a seashell. This story is re-enacted in Botecelli's "The Birth of Venus" which has always been a favorite painting of mine. In the wall covering, Venus stands in her famous shell floating on the sea. I love this piece because of its mythological and nautical themes.


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