Nadia Vanek

Painted Palampores and the Textile Trade

I felt an immediate connection with the palampore in Cooper-Hewitt’s collection. My mother is a textile designer who works mainly with botanical imagery, so the yard in my childhood home was always filled with plants to serve as her inspiration. Looking at this hanging reminds me of looking through the kitchen window of my childhood home. The window was framed by my mother’s houseplants, and as a child I gazed dreamily at the tall, seemingly delicate palm tree in the front yard.
chintz, palampore, botanical, textile design

Dancing, Chanting and Music: The Noh Robe

When I first saw this Noh robe I thought about the changing of seasons, though not the change from winter to spring that I am eagerly anticipating at the moment. The robe’s colorful brocaded chrysanthemums remind me of the beginning of autumn. The robe conjures images of the chrysanthemum’s overwhelming beauty during the Japanese fall celebration, kiku matsuri.
Noh, theater, Japan, autumn, costume