Kimberly Cisneros

Is that really a textile?

At first glance, Figures with Still Life, designed by Ruth Reeves, looks like a modern art painting. I did a double take when I realized it was, instead, a screen printed textile on plain weave. Throughout her career, Reeves designed a variety of objects in modern styles including tapestries, wall hangings, wall fabrics, carpeting, and dresses. 
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My Marimekko Moment

Melooni is a large-scale design made of concentric ovals in orange, fuchsia, black, and purple on a red ground. It is produced by screen printing on cotton fabric. The Melooni pattern was designed for Marimekko in 1963 by designer Maija Isola, who created 533 designs for Marimekko over the course of her thirty-eight year career. Isola studied as a painter and her designs have a painterly quality about them that is bold, intense, and enthusiastic.
National Design Awards, Jane Thompson, Marimekko, Design Research Company

NYC Teachers Register Now for Free Design Workshops!

This is the second year Cooper-Hewitt's Design Educators are going into New York City schools and leading free design workshops!  Target Design K-12:  Design in the Classroom web site  has a revised Teacher Resource Packet that includes all the valuable feedback given by teachers who participated last year. 
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Attention all NYC teachers!

We're proud to announce an innovative new program, Target® Design K-12: Design in the Classroom. This FREE design-based workshop comes to your classroom, and all K-12 teachers in New York City are eligible. The 45-minute session focuses on teamwork, brainstorming, and problem-solving.
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