Katie Shelly


TYPEFACE is an application that creates a custom font using facial recognition via your computer's Webcam. The sophisticated software even allows you to make silly faces at the camera and watch as the typeface adjusts in real time.
TYPEFACE, application, custom font, facial recognition, Processing, open source

Critter & Guitari

Chris Kucinski and Owen Osborn, a.k.a. Critter & Guitari, are a Philadelphia-based design duo specializing in unusual devices for electronic music.
Critter & Guitari, Chris Kucinski, Owen Osborn, electronic music, electronic instruments, devices, synesthetic, Philadelphia

Tangible Tuesdays: The Map Bag

The Map Bag is a messenger bag that’s also a compass. Eight small vibration motors sewn into the bag discreetly inform the wearer of compass information as she travels. In other words, it lets you read a compass with your body.
Map bag, messenger bag, compass, direction, microcontroller, motors, Josh Billions

Register now for Makerbot Workshops

Register now to participate in a FREE Cooper-Hewitt workshop all about 3-D printing. Starting on April 30th, the workshop will consist of five hands-on sessions led by Matt and Mike of Makerbot Industries.
Makerbot, workshops, free, 3D, 3-D, printing, DIY electronics

Tangible Tuesdays: Interactive Sneakers

The Megalizer is a sneaker that could put a few DJs out of business. The nearly invisible system of hardware and software allows a dancer to create live music with his shoes.
Megalizer, Sneakers, interactive, Didier Brun, Interaction Design, music, footwear


Daito Manabe and Motoi Ishibashi (of Face Visualizer fame) have unveiled a new project called Particles. Particles is a room-filling installation made of floating “light particles” that fly around and form glowing shapes.
Particles, installation, Daito Manabe, Motoi Ishibashi, Face Visualizer, light

Tangible Tuesdays: Mobile Hapticons

Ever send a quick text or email that was horribly misinterpreted by the recipient? What if you could signal the difference between sarcasm and seriousness with molded plastic?

Tangible Tuesdays: M-Dress

Cutecircuit’s M-Dress is a concept for a silk jersey dress that integrates a mobile phone.
Cutecircuit, M Dress, integrated design, mobile phone, Interaction Design

Tangible Tuesdays: Digital Music

Those nostalgic for the days of vinyl and tape are coming up with some striking new concepts for the creation and collection of digital music. For example, Ryan Raffa’s Tangible Color Music Instrument allows a user to make music by placing colored blocks on an illuminated table.
digital music, tangible color music instrument, blocks, Ryan Raffa, Martin Kaltenbrunner

Tangible Tuesdays: Proverbial Wallets

A physical indicator of virtual reality, this leather wallet actually gets harder to open as funds decrease. The wallet “knows” how to behave based on a bluetooth signal from your online banking account.  
wallet, interactive, bluetooth, signal, online, bank, account, funds, decrease, MIT media lab, information ecology group