Audrey Sutton

Flowers with Sass

                Flowers have always had meaning within art. Though the craze for flower language in England did not start until the nineteenth century, the choice of flowers within this textile is quite deliberate as it combines flowers native to both Britain and the Americas in ways that they would not appear in nature. While a designer cannot be identified for this pattern, it is most likely that he or she knew the meanings of these flowers when combining them.
flowers, printed fabrics, Bromley Hall, nasturtium, patriotism, passion flower, daffodil

Cosplay: Not As New as You Might Think

With the increase in the visibility and popularity of cosplay (short for costume play), I thought we could look at an example in the collection to show the long tradition of dress-up in western culture. In the past, people from other cultures, and their dress, were extremely interesting to western culture. These cultures were new to the west, so every aspect of them was examined, usually ending in their commodification. Though the word cosplay wasn't coined until the 1980s, people have been dressing up for hundreds of years.
drawing, cosplay