Andrea Lipps

Blond Curtain

The work of contemporary Dutch designer Nicolette Brunklaus is filled with narrative and imagination. She often manipulates photography to generate pattern and tell a story, whether printing a wooded forest scene on the interior of a lampshade, or, as in Blond Curtain, digitally printing long blond tendrils on velvet to create a curtain.
Nicolette Brunklaus, digital printing, velvet, photography

An Egyptian Story, enriched with personal narrative

The holiday season is a special time of year to reflect on family and… jewels! Hemmerle’s Egyptian Story bangle is a particularly exceptional jewel. Not only does it evoke the firm’s distinctive voice, showcasing innovative techniques and material combinations to create a bold, modern jewel enriched with cultural references, but it provides a bit of personal narrative about the fourth-generation family-run atelier.
Hemmerle, jewelry, Egyptian, jewels

Snapshot of Design Miami/ 2013 highlights: Emerging designers!

Tucked amongst the heavy hitters at Design Miami/ 2013 was the work of young designers, who created some of the fair’s highlights. There were a number of stellar works on display, exemplifying the range and dynamism of emerging design talent.
Design Miami/, contemporary design, Humans Since 1982, Jonathan Muecke, The Haas Brothers, Nacho Carbonell, time, form, anthropomorphic, Victor Hunt, Volume Gallery, R 20th Century, Galerie BSL
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The Art of When to Stop Designing

In the hands of designer Henning Andreasen, the humble stapler is an icon of beautiful, functional design. Introduced in 1977, the Folle 26 stapler, manufactured by Danish manufacturer Folle, is still in production today—a testament to its timeless appeal and functionality.
Folle, Henning Andreasen, stapler, office design, steel

A Digitally-printed Lamp

The MyLight.MGX, a hanging lamp by designer Lars Spuybroek for Belgian-based manufacturer Materialise NV, illustrates the possibilities of computerized production methods. Made in 2007, it was digitally printed (also known as 3D printing) using the process of Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). With SLS, a computer controls an infrared laser that solidifies miniscule layers of powdered material—in this case, polyamide, or nylon. The object is then additively built, layer upon layer. There are no molds, there is no assemblage of multiple parts. The object is printed in its entirety.
Materialise, Lars Spuybroek, lighting design, 3D printing, digital printing, SLS, polyamide, nylon

A vision of the future from the past

When I first stumbled across this object in the Museum’s collection, I had absolutely no idea what I was looking at. Its form hints subtly at a creature living in the sea or the sky, and I did not understand the small buttons adhered to its body. “Prototype, Wrist Computer,” the object information stated. I still was not clear. Upon researching a bit further, however, it is an absolutely fascinating object that is a surprising concept model for the future, delivered from the past. It is, effectively, a smartphone.
Lisa Krohn, concept, mobile phone, computer, rubber, Human body

Taking cues from portable tunes?

While personal stereo systems today often consist of nothing more than a digital audio player and small speakers, earlier forms of music technology necessitated more substantial stereo systems. General Electric Company’s SC 7300 stereo system, dated to 1973, accommodates both records and 8-track cartridge tapes in an elegant, white enamel pedestal base. The system is intended for residential use, but there is an implied portability in its design, which was a growing trend in music listening during the period.
General Electric, stereo, music, 8-track player, record turntable

ToFU and Honey

Tokujin Yoshioka’s ToFU lamp is magical. The spare form—a square cut delicately from clear methacrylate resin—conducts light only around its edges, stemming from a single halogen bulb. It is as though light itself is harnessed in the design, caught within and released by the material in a minimal, sensual gesture.
Tokujin Yoshioka, lighting design, material, PMMA, seating

A CFL bulb you want to show off

The Plumen 001, released to the market in 2010, is a rethinking of what the CFL can be.
Plumen, Hulger, Samuel Wilkinson, lightbulb, lighting design, CFL, Energy efficiency

Elevating the Everyday

In the hands of Viennese glass firm J. & L. Lobmeyr, drinking a glass of water becomes a sensual ritual.
J. & L. Lobmeyr, POLKA, Glass, muslin glass