Adriane Dalton

Ingenious Solutions: Irena Brynner's "Wrap Around" Earrings

Born in 1917 in the remote Russian town of Vladivostak, Irena Brynner was raised in a tightly knit two family household. However, the families were dispersed in 1928 due to political upheaval that forced Brynner and her parents to relocate to Manchuria.[1] Brynner left Manchuria to study painting and sculpture in Lausanne, Switzerland but returned to her family in 1939.
Irena Brynner, jewelry, earrigns, gold

Best Laid Planes: The Jewelry of Georg Dobler

The works of German metalsmith Georg Dobler are imbued with geometry; both in the construction of the forms and in the visual relationship between the forms and the body. Dobler received his masters in goldsmithing in 1979 in Pforzheim and thereafter founded an atelier with fellow goldsmith Winfried Krüger.[1].  In recent years he has worked as a Professor at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hildesheim, Germany.
Winfried Krüger, Pforzheim, Hildesheim, Germany, Paul Derrez, goldsmithing, metalsmith, acrylic lacquer, steel wire

Coffee Talk: Celebrating the Birth of Jutta Sika

Born on this day in 1877, Jutta Sika was an Austrian designer working in a variety of different media. Sika received formal training in both graphic and costume design but is best known for her ceramic and glassware designs. In 1895 Sika studied at Graphische Lehr und Veruchsantalt (Graphic Education and Research Institute) under Joseph Eugen Hörwarter and later enrolled at the Kuntsgewerbeschule (School of Applied Arts) where she studied under Friedrich Linke, Koloman Moser, Rudolf Ribarz, and Alfred Roller.[1]
Jutta Sika, coffee set, Porcelain, vienna, Weiner Kunst im Hause, gesamtkunstwerk